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How Can I Help?

Funds transfer:

  • CMR Alberton
  • ABSA Bank Alberton
  • Account number: 210 231 668
  • Branch code: 632005

Becoming involved as a volunteer:

You can phone us on 011 9072922 to discuss where you would like to offer your services. Professional people can also offer pro bono work in their field of expertise.

Sponsoring a child or a family:

Families and children need uniform, food and clothing, it is not always in our means to help with these and that is where the public and sponsorships come in.

We are dependent on sponsorships, funds from the National Lottery, subsidies from Government and/or donations to continue with our work in our community. In today’s financial climate funding, donations and/or sponsorships are extremely difficult to obtain, specifically amongst a multitude of other worthy causes also seeking funding, donations and/or sponsorships.

We are presently experiencing dire financial difficulties and it is imperative that we must obtain financial support as a matter of extreme urgency to be able to fulfil our functions and activities in terms of our constitution.

We would be much obliged if you could favourable consider our request for the donation.

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