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Reaching Out with a Difference

CMR Alberton had an extraordinary outreach on 22 July 2014. We took a trip to a rural school in Roadside in the Free State. Our CMR bus was packed to the brim with our staff members, a volunteer and donations of blankets, beanies, toys, magazines, KFC food, cold drink, chips and sweets. The children were stunned and could not believe their eyes for having Christmas in July. For 99% of these children, it was the first time in their life they had KFC to eat and their own new blanket.

There is no water at this school as the solar panels that powered the pump was stolen. To convert this water pump to manual, it will cost approximately R9000. The school is so remote that the teachers can not commute every day and have to stay on the premises. As there is no water, they have to fetch water from the police station about 1km from there to wash at night. The school gets food from the Department for a feeding scheme but without running water it is not an easy task to prepare the food. As city dwellers, we somethimes forget how difficult it is to live in an area like that.

How did we get to this school? Christina Sebiloane, a 4th year student who does auxiliary work at our office told us that she and her 13 siblings grew up in Roadside. Her brother and sister told her that they wanted to visit the school and encourage the pupils to do their best and make use of the education they receive. It is not said that if you come from a rural area that you can not make a success of your life or go to University.

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