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About Us

The CSC Alberton was established in April 1984 and has since been rendering services in the greater Alberton region for the past 30 years.

The main objectives of CSC are to protect, support and uplift children, families and other vulnerable groups in the community through various outreach programmes. It include children’s court cases, family reunification, foster care, adoptions, crisis intervention, individual counselling, preventative social services, substance abuse, marriage and divorce counselling, parental guidance, uncontrollable teenagers, social- and life skill training, social relief, support crèches and day care centres, training of crèche teachers, awareness programs, feeding schemes at 3 schools, soup kitchens, second hand clothing shop, etc.

It is envisaged that CSC will reach a total of 14 623 affected persons during the next financial year through various outreach programmes, which includes, Africans, Coloureds, Asians and Whites.

The outreach programmes are carried out in the greater Alberton, including Thokoza, Pholapark and Edenpark, without any discrimination to race, gender, language, culture, sexual orientation or age.

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